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OUR Vision

Our Vision

"Skincare is a lifestyle.”

Our goal at iSkin Beverly Hills is to turn your skincare routine into a sustainable lifestyle that yields un-compromised results. We have created a skincare line that has simple ingredients, no harsh chemicals and safe for daily use. These life-changing products grew out of our passion to educate and influence people on the significance of maintaining a lifestyle in caring for their skin – the earlier in life, the better.

You will find that each of our products are classified according to the the following: maintenance, prevention or correction, which are the based on the needs of every consumer.


The core of our business is to inspire everyone to make healthy and sensible choices when choosing what to put on their skin (after all, it is the largest organ in the body).

We look forward to evolving and expanding our line of products as we take part in a lifestyle that is is beyond skin-deep.

Our Products
"Handcrafted to meet your needs"

Everybody has unique needs. Some people have acne problems, some have discoloration issues, while some use anti-aging products. We design each of our products with these specific needs in mind. And as faithful proponents of overall wellness, we also included, as part of our line of products, a variety of health supplements that aid in total skin improvement.

We only choose quality ingredients with high potency. Our raw materials are delicately sourced-out and bought from different parts of the world that are known for their specialty on the skin arena. For example, US and Europe, are best known for their anti-aging ingredients, while Japan and Korea are renowned for their lightening and discoloration products. We obtain these elements and manufacture them in the US.

"State of the art technology meets revolutionary products"

Technology works best and with quality products. We’ve taken the next step of marrying innovative skin care treatment and procedures with products that are geared to complement and extend efficacy of our spa treatments.

About Imee

“As founder of iSkin Beverly Hills, my experience and passion led me to create a way to change the skincare ‘routine’ as we know it. Taking each of my client’s unique needs in consideration, I am optimistic that our products would go from being in someone’s skincare kit to something they can’t live without, and ultimately a reason to treat skincare as a way of life."

Imee Ong-Maghanoy is an Esthetician, Skincare entrepreneur, TV host and columnist. She is the managing partner for Image Spa MD and owner of iSkin Face and Body Spa. She has a degree in Biology and a doctorate in Dental Medicine. Imee has been an aesthetician and entrepreneur for more than 20 years.

iSkin Beverly Hills is the newest member of the company’s group of spas and skin care – they specialize in age-defying and acne-fighting treatments and products.

With the spas’ reputation for innovative techniques and products, famous celebrities and A-listers are often spotted in their clinics getting their facials and laser treatments.

Known to several Filipino-American awarding circles, Imee has recently been awarded the “Premier in Beauty and Skin Treatment.”  for iSkin Face and Body Spa. She also maintains a monthly beauty column on Asian Journal, and a YouTube Channel: BeautyTalkWithImee

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